Spartan: Total Warrior – PS2


Pre-owned (See photos. Tested and 100% working) Spartan: Total Warrior (PlayStation 2)
Includes: DVD, Manual, Box

From Creative Assembly, the developers of the award winning Total War series, you lead the charge as a bloodthirsty Spartan warrior. With no fear or remorse, you’ll rush headlong into epic cinematic battles reminiscent of Gladiator and Braveheart with only two options: victory or death. A wide range of weapons and skills help turn the tide of battle as you grow from novice warrior to awe-inspiring Hero and eventually Mythical Legend.

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  • Epic Battles. Hundreds of on-screen combatants fight simultaneously.
  • Beautiful Cinematic Environments. A wide variety of sweeping vistas, weapons and foes push the power of the console.
  • A Wide Variety of Characters. Encounter Roman soldiers, skeleton armies, and classic mythological creatures.
  • Power Moves. Unleash spectacular power moves and acquire incredible new weapons and armor and earn favor and powers from the gods.
  • Varying Mission Structure. Multiple objectives including escorting, capturing, destruction, discovery, and survival, keep the gameplay fresh.
  • Arena Mode. Experience pure combat action with friends.
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